Session 1: Real-Time Multicore Systems – 10:00 – 11:00
Session Chair: Joël Goossens

Design and analysis of programming platform for accelerated GPU-Like Architectures pdf
Zahaf Houssam Eddine and Giuseppe Lipari

Analysis of Polka Contention Manager for use in Multicore Hard Real-Time Systems pdf
Adrien Quillet, Audrey Queudet and Didier Lime

Scheduling of Synchronous Dataflow Graphs with Partially Periodic Real-Time Constraints pdf
Alexandre Honorat, Karol Desnos, Shuvra Bhattacharyya and Jean Francois Nezan

Allocation of Real-Time Tasks onto Identical Core Platforms under Deferred fixed Preemption-Point Model pdf
Ikram Senoussaoui, Houssam-Eddine Zahaf, Mohammed Kamel Benhaoua, Giuseppe Lipari and Richard Olejnik

Session 2: Timing and Monitoring – 11:00 – 12:00

Session Chair: Isabelle Puaut

Precise and Efficient Analysis of Context-Sensitive Cache Conflict Sets pdf
Florian Brandner

Multi-Criteria Function Inlining for Hard Real-Time Systems pdf
Kateryna Muts and Heiko Falk

Establishing Confidence and Understanding Uncertainty in Real-Time Systems pdf
Iain Bate, David Griffin and Benjamin Lesage

NITRO: Non-Intrusive Task Detection and Monitoring in Hard Real-Time Systems pdf
Max Brand, Albrecht Mayer and Frank Slomka

Session 3: Scheduling Systems – 14:00 – 15:00

Session Chair: Sébastien Faucou

Requirement specification and model-checking of a real-time scheduler implementation pdf
Khaoula Boukir, Jean-Luc Béchennec and Anne-Marie Déplanche

Justifying the Service Provided to Low Criticality Tasks in a Mixed Criticality System pdf
Stephen Law, Iain Bate and Benjamin Lesage

Scheduling DAGs When Processor Assignments Are Specified pdf
Sanjoy Baruah

Elastic Scheduling of Parallel Real-Time Tasks with Discrete Utilizations pdf
James Orr, Johnny Condori Uribe, Chris Gill, Sanjoy Baruah, Kunal Agrawal, Shirley Dyke, Arun Prakash, Iain Bate, Christopher Wong and Sabina Adhikari

Session 4: Networked Systems – 15:00 – 16:00

Session Chair: Marc Boyer

TEECheck: Securing Intra-Vehicular Communication Using Trusted Execution pdf
Tanmaya Mishra, Thidapat Chantem and Ryan Gerdes

Workload assignment for global real-time scheduling on unrelated multicore platforms pdf
Antoine Bertout, Joel Goossens, Emmanuel Grolleau and Xavier Poczekajlo

Adaptive Routing with Guaranteed Delay Bounds using Safe Reinforcement Learning pdf
Gautham Nayak Seetanadi, Karl-Erik Arzen and Martina Maggio

Optimizing Vehicle-to-Cloud Data Transfers using Soft Real-Time Scheduling Concepts pdf
Jean Ibarz, Matthieu Roy, Michaël Lauer, Jean-Charles Fabre and Olivier Flébus

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